Are you Recession-Ready?

Day Six – Blogging for Breakfast 30 Day Challenge

Today I am sharing a vlog which is the first in a series for this week with tips on how to make your business more robust and ready to weather the storm if we slip into recession (or to become even stronger and bigger if we don’t).

Last week we had news that the UK faces a 50% chance of an economic slowdown, and the Bank of England cut interest rates to an historic low of just 0.25%.

Whilst it is usually my job to talk up business and ignore the doom-mongers, I thought it might be useful to share my thoughts and experience on ways to future-proof your business, given the current situation we find ourselves in post-Brexit.

It seems that many people are feeling uncertain right now, and for some there is a crisis of confidence. In Kent we have seen a food company and a construction business hit the rocks in the past few days. Plus a big business exhibition scheduled for the Autumn has been cancelled due to lack of bookings.

Here are some ideas for practical actions you can take to help your business thrive (not just survive) whatever happens next.

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