Seeds to Success Online Programme

Coming soon in 2019…

Watch this space as the Get Fruitful Marketing Seeds to Success online programme will soon be launching.

If you are working as a sole trader or micro-business owner and want some strategic support to launch or grow, this is your opportunity to get expert marketing support to boost your brand and your bottom line in the year ahead.

What you will get:

  • A cost-effective way to access expert marketing insight and guidance.
  • Connect with other like-minded people to support you.
  • Develop your brand strategy and marketing plan.

Plant the seeds for your most fruitful year yet with a downloadable PDF version of the Get Fruitful Marketing Playbook to create your roadmap for success, followed by a motivating and informative series of video tutorials, where you will enjoy practical workshops to work on your business marketing strategy, plus exclusive access to a private Facebook group and weekly live Q&A calls to make sure you’re on track with achieving your goals.

Who is this for?

Sole traders and those running small businesses with annual turnover up to c.£100k with ambitions for growth

What you will get from taking part

You will:

  • Identify how to reach more customers or clients
  • Explore ways to improve your customer’s experience
  • Make your messaging stronger and more consistent
  • Make your offer more distinct
  • Explore ways to future-proof your business
  • Improve your marketing materials
  • Create a system for your marketing activity

You will leave feeling more confident and clear about how to grow your business, and in a stronger position to:

  • reach more new customers
  • win more repeat business
  • increase your prices
  • help people really understand your value
  • get better return on the time and budget you allocate to marketing
  • work smarter rather than harder

How it works

  • A PDF Playbook to set you up with a clear plan for the year ahead
  • Weekly video tutorials to give you deeper practical insights and ongoing support
  • Live Q&A calls to keep you on track
  • Expert advice from an experienced marketer
  • Sounding board and connections from other like-minded participants
  • Online support group to continue your conversations between face-to-face sessions

What you will achieve

  • Clarify your vision, mission and core values to create the foundation for a super-strong brand
  • Develop a clear identity for your brand to align business partners, associates, suppliers and new staff to deliver a harmonious working environment and excellent client experience
  • Find out how to brief designers, website developers, photographers, copywriters and other marketing support people to ensure you get best value for money, and impactful results
  • Identify and profile your target markets to laser focus your marketing
  • Discover new ways to communicate with and motivate your ideal clients to buy from you 
  • Create really relevant, resonant messaging and a distinct tone of voice for your brand to make copywriting a walk in the park
  • Articulate the unique value of your business, tell your brand story and develop compelling case-studies to showcase your proposition in the best possible way
  • Develop a strong identity for your brand that allows you to enable long-term growth
  • Analyse how to carve out a distinct niche for your business that is clearly differentiated from the competition
  • Explore how to future-proof your business by identifying trends, opportunities and potential risks in your market
  • Identify specific requirements for market research and how to gather useful data to inform your marketing
  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes to understand their end-to-end experience of your brand and identify how to make improvements
  • Encapsulate your unique value proposition in a succinct and compelling ‘elevator pitch’ and strapline
  • Evaluate your existing marketing materials to identify areas for improvement and where new items are required to support your sales and marketing process
  • Set the best possible prices for your services or products
  • Set clear and measurable marketing objectives to drive you forward
  • Create a monitoring and evaluation plan to track Return on Investment
  • Set a realistic budget to achieve the results you seek
  • Plan the time you allocate to marketing to be most effective
  • Create a clear schedule of marketing activity for the year ahead

Interested? Find out more.

Please email to be added to the waiting list to hear when this programme opens for enrollment.


See what people are saying...

Anwen provides a breadth of vision and expertise in her approach to marketing that impresses. I attended her workshop and as a qualified marketer myself found it very insightful one might even say fruitful. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants a serious strategic marketer with real flair.

Nick Bird, Everywhere Business Tools

Informative, revealing, insightful, fresh, honest, engaging and empowering. Anwen is keen to put you at ease and work from the level you are at.

Suzanne, Business owner, Kent

Anwen provided very clear, concise and insightful guidance, walking us through a process in collaboration with the other participants. I found identifying my core brand values a particularly useful exercise, which has since led to some fairly key changes within my business. This course is time and money well spent.

Claire Witz, TW Mums In Business and Owner of Painted With Love

Anwen has transformed the way we viewed marketing at Love Inc Ltd. Her course has empowered us to target the right customer, in the right way. It was amazing value for money and will benefit our business for years to come.

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