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Follow Tesla’s lead.

I am a massive fan of the electric-car brand and find their game-changing business model and strategy truly inspirational. They are attempting to completely transform our relationship with transport, but realise that it’s a long-game, and you need to win people’s hearts and minds one step at a time.

The first challenge Tesla faced was how to prove that an electric car could be desirable? They decided to launch their first product – a sports car – to show that they could deliver power, speed and a cool design. This won over the sceptics and car-industry experts. This was back in 2008, after the company started up in 2003. So 5 years of product and market development took them to this point.

Next Tesla reinvented the car showroom and buying experience by opening special stores to showcase the products and allow people to order them. Have you visited the one at Bluewater in Kent?

Then, 3 years later in 2011 came the launch of the Model S – a premier sedan – another high end product, aimed at forward-thinking executives – early-adopters with budget for a leading-edge car. It was still very niche and exclusive – ensuring that the brand stayed aspirational.

Fast-forward another 5 years to this month, and Tesla have now announced that their Model 3, mass-market car will hit the roads next year.

So their journey to this point has taken 13 years, with a clear series of milestones along the way. As you build your business, it’s good to remember that no company ever becomes an overnight success, even if it sometimes seems that way.

You can read more on the Tesla story here:…/tesla-timeline-electri…

Do you have a sense of milestones for the way ahead to grow your business? Are you rolling out new products and services and reaching different markets over time, or do you have plans to do so in the future?

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