Is your marketing missing a vital ingredient?

Do you have the 10 vital ingredients to ensure your marketing will be fruitful?

Marketing is such a fundamental and yet wide-ranging discipline – it can be easy to get distracted by tactics and forget some of the back-to-basics aspects of strategy.

The free quiz I’ve created for the launch of my online group programme, SEEDS TO SUCCESS, will show you which areas you are doing well in and where you can do better to get your message across to the audience you want to reach.

I’ll be writing more over the coming days about each of the ingredients in more detail.

For starters, here is a summary of what you need:

– Documented Vision
– Client Focus
– Clear Niche
– Super Story
– Action Plan
– Considered Campaigns
– Credible Creative
– Compelling Content
– Constructive Clicks
– Confident Conversations

Find out your strengths and get fresh insights about where you can improve by taking the free quiz at

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Anwen is a strategic marketer, professional speaker and facilitator. She created Get Fruitful Marketing to give fresh insight and marketing expertise to help more businesses to grow.

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