So – what IS branding?

So – what IS branding?

When I ask people what they think branding is they often say things like…

  • Advertising
  • Logos
  • Packaging

But these are really all just design elements that help communicate a brand identity in a visual way. These help to get your brand message across to a particular group of people. But they are not the brand itself. Brand runs deeper. It is the foundation for getting your product or service to connect with you customers. You need to define your brand before you can market your business effectively.

It’s the DNA or essence of what make a product, service, individual or business unique. It’s how you communicate the unique added value that you, your service, product or business brings to the world. Or more specifically to a particular target market or niche.

A brand is a vehicle for value – a way of communicating and delivering something of worth. A brand could be a product, a service, an individual or a business.

A brand is a promise to a customer. A brand is an experiential concept – it is an intangible asset – it is a set of perceptions about value – but it can be made tangible through customer service, a visual identity – look and feel of your logo, the design of your website, business cards, signage etc.

A brand has the potential to be one of the biggest assets for your business. Are you maximising your brand potential?

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