What inspired Get Fruitful Marketing? Part One

My inspiration for Get Fruitful Marketing came from two different applications of the word ‘fruitful’.

The first of these stems from my desire to bring a results-oriented approach to marketing, to help ensure a good return on investment, with a focus on driving sales.

Having attended numerous networking events and spoken with hundreds of business people over the past couple of years, I realised that there are a lot of people out there offering various marketing services that do not necessarily prove productive, or yield results as promised.

Some aspects of marketing (particularly the fields of PR, graphic design and social media) may seem more ‘fluffy’ and impossible to measure. Some may sell their service (perhaps a new website, some print advertising, or an exhibition) as a ‘magic bullet’ to help propel your sales through the roof, but it doesn’t usually work like that.

You then end up wasting time and money, focusing on just one or two aspects of more tactical marketing in isolation. To be effective, all of the different parts of the ‘marketing mix’ need to be joined-up with some more strategic thinking, and form an overall longer-term plan.

Taking the time to stand back and look at things more holistically, and work out how best to use the resources you have available, will prove more ‘fruitful’ in the long run.

About the author

Anwen is a strategic marketer, professional speaker and facilitator. She created Get Fruitful Marketing to give fresh insight and marketing expertise to help more businesses to grow.

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