How to write a blog before you get out of bed in the morning

Are you like me? Setting yourself a target to blog consistently but failing miserably as other more urgent work gets in the way?


I've been a bit slack with maintaining my blog the past three months as I’ve been busy running my latest group programme, giving support to other clients one-to-one with their marketing strategies, plus writing my book and lots more besides.

This blog post is my effort to reboot my commitment to regular writing and to help you do the same.

I’ve drafted a couple of posts (including this one) in the last 24 hours from the comfort of my bed whilst still in my pyjamas which makes it seem much less like hard work! If you’d like to find out how to this (and it really is easy) please read on…


Before you go bed (at some point during your day) you might like to do some initial preparation so you can hit the ground running when you wake up. If not, you can do this first thing – make a list of possible blog topics and identify which you feel most drawn to writing about. Develop some ideas for blog post titles, and draft bullet point notes of key points to cover for one or two of these.


Go to bed and when you wake up reach for your phone. Open the Notes application and start writing! When you have finished, email the Note to yourself so when you get to your computer you can copy it into a Word document to do some editing before posting it live.


Drafting a blog first thing has the following benefits:

  1. You will feel totally awesome for having achieved this and it will set you up for a brilliant day!
  2. Your mind will be clear when you wake up meaning it will be easier to write something coherent than later in the day
  3. You are more likely to complete this task if you set it as your first action for the day before other distractions creep in
  4. If you make this a daily practice you will develop your ‘writing muscle’ finding it easier to express yourself in other ways and you will generate a huge volume of content which will improve in quality over time. It will also help you develop your thinking and tone of voice.


Will you commit to writing a blog every morning before you get out of bed? If you’d like to join me on a 30 Day Challenge for the month of August, request an invite to my secret Facebook Group, where I’ll be sharing my progress and giving you some free support to get you Blogging From YOUR Bed every morning: