My top 5 tips to get you using video regularly

I have recently been using video blogging (vlogging) and recording myself on camera to help share messages as part of my marketing mix. In this blog post, I give you top 5 tips to help you get started with vlogging and to encourage you to do so more regularly.

1. Reframe your purpose for using video.

Rather than coming at it from the perspective of using it as a ‘promotional’ tool (it feels scary and inauthentic to seek out self-promotion), view it as a sharing, educating and connecting tool.

2. Reframe video as a conversational rather a broadcast medium.

Video gives us all the chance to share our knowledge, passion and views, and connect through live chat, comments, and feedback. It’s a recorded conversation – a two-way medium – not just about broadcasting one-way. This may help take the pressure off – it’s not all about you and how you come across. But more importantly, it’s about the audience – what do they need to hear? What are their problems and challenges and how can you help them? Post your video on social media where audiences can ‘Like’, comment and share.

3. Consider getting professional support.

Think about working with a speaking coach to help you with getting your message across clearly. Maybe you would also benefit from hiring a professional videographer. They can advise you on how to use lighting, camera angles and the right technology to come across at your best, so you can relax and just talk.

4. Take baby steps.

Rather than jump straight in to a full-on big budget ‘promo’ video, see if there are small ways to ‘test the water’ and build up to bigger and better things. e.g. just do a quick Periscope or Blab (free social media tools). Maybe record a conversation or interview so the focus is not all on you. Perhaps consider podcasting and audio, so you don’t have to appear on camera at all.

Having recently run an Online Course using webinar software and Powerpoint slides – I found that this really helped me become more comfortable with video. It also gives you the option to remain off screen and present from behind the slide deck on screen if that makes you feel more comfortable.

5. Practice.

The first time we do anything it often feels difficult. I set myself a challenge a while back to record a video each week. I’ve not achieved this yet, but it’s given me something to aim for, and each time I’ve recorded something I’ve grown in confidence. I’m still learning though and am interested to hear what’s worked for