Pathways to greater purpose & profit

Having worked with a range of charities, social enterprises and private businesses over the years, I’ve seen first-hand how often purpose-driven organisations can struggle when it comes to financial sustainability, due to an inability to generate cash surplus and sufficient reserves. In contrast, I’ve seen more profit-driven business struggle to engage employees, particularly the younger generation who want to work for a bigger mission that just earning a crust and making money for money’s sake.

This has led me to believe there needs to be greater collaboration between charities and the private sector, so that each type of business can learn from each other, and closer collaborations can be fostered, to the mutual benefit of both.

To explore this subject further, I am delighted to be collaborating this month with my business associates Catherine Gallagher of Redpoint Mentoring and Dan Corpe of Corpe Consulting under our collaborative banner, Bright Minds in Business to host a virtual event on 7th October 2020, looking at Charity & SME Partnerships.

Have you ever thought about supporting a charitable cause through your business?

Perhaps you already run fundraising events throughout the year, or send charity Christmas cards and want to find a way to make more of a difference. Perhaps you’d like to do something but don’t know where to start. How to pick a charity? What’s the best way to make a meaningful contribution?

In this 90 minute virtual event, you will get to hear from three business owners leading the way and take inspiration from their example. There will be simple practical actions you can take as a result to empower your business to create more income and impact.

Guest speakers

For this launch event we are delighted to welcome:

Paul Dunn, Chair and Co-Founder of B1G1

Fran Boorman, Founder, Goal 17

Mike Ward, CEO, Inspire Schools/KM Charity Team

Who is this event for?

Leaders from all types of business, and particularly Kent-based SMEs who are open to learning, sharing and growing more profitable and purpose-driven companies, creating prosperity for all, with a positive impact on people and the planet.

Why should you attend?

– Hear from other business leaders who are pioneering new ways of working to create more prosperity and positive impact for people and the planet

– Meet like-minded people with shared values to explore new collaborations

– Find out how you can attract and retain the best talent to grow your team

– Learn how to win more customers and higher value contracts

– Ensure your brand stays relevant for the long-term

– Learn more about the business case ‘for good’

We are running a series of three online events each month to explore ways to make this happen.

– Get practical examples of simple actions you can take in your business

In 2016, the Centre for Social Justice estimated that all UK businesses will have social purposes by 2026.

Where are you on your journey towards becoming a more purpose-driven business, and how can having a purpose beyond profit actually create more wealth for all?

This event will give you inspiration and practical actions to align your vision and mission with a bigger reason for being in business.

For every person who registers to join one of the events we will give support to an entrepreneur in Africa through our membership of the B1G1 Community, so by investing in your business, you get to help others too.

Event format

Join us for a short introduction to the topic and then be inspired by our guest speakers before breaking out into discussion groups to explore how you can apply the insights to your business.

Find out more and register for your place here