Recruiting & retaining talent to create more social impact

For the third in our series of Bright Minds in Business, Pathways to Greater Purpose & Profit events, we are looking at ways in which you can create more impactful employment and career development opportunities through your business to add social value.

Perhaps you already offer lots of employment benefits and training, and would like to explore how you could contribute more to your people’s wellbeing and motivation? Maybe you are just starting to build your team and want to know where to start.

At this virtual event on 2nd December you will have the opportunity to hear from business owners who are leading the way in this area. There will be simple practical actions you can take as a result to empower your business to create more income and impact.

Guest speakers

Nici Jupp, Managing Director, Talent Gateway

Luke Kyte, Head of Culture, Reddico

Kate Bull, Managing Director, RBLI (Royal British Legion Industries) Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company

Emma Woodward, Director of Employability, Social Enterprise Kent CIC.

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