Sell Me Your Story – Why Should I Choose You?

On 12th July 2016 I will be speaking at the PSA South East regional bi-monthly meeting at Brands Hatch Place Hotel. More info and booking here:

I’ll be talking about how to create a super-strong brand and marketing strategy to grow your speaker business.

If you’re a professional speaker, you are likely in business because you love what you do, and want to help others while realising your potential to live the lifestyle you desire. To achieve your short-term goals, and leave a lasting impression on the world, you need to clearly articulate the Passion, Purpose and Principles which are core to what makes you ‘you’. Find out how you can leverage the power of storytelling to help people really understand the full value you offer.


This 20 minute showcase will give you practical ways to:

  • find and keep your ideal clients
  • discover your unique value as a speaker
  • transform your approach to marketing
  • make your speaker business more satisfying and sustainable
  • create more money and meaning from your speaker business
  • communicate an answer to the question ‘why should I book or listen to you’?


You will leave with some actionable ‘next steps’ for applying the power of storytelling to create your own more passion-fuelled and profitable speaker business.