What is the PURPOSE of your business? Who are the PEOPLE you want to serve?

Note down WHY you are blogging and WHO you are writing for and stick this note above your desk. This will help you keep on track with writing more relevant content for your target audience and achieving your goals.

Your WHY might include reasons such as:

  • to share your expertise with existing and potential clients
  • to drive traffic to your website to generate new leads for your email list
  • to build your social media following
  • to improve your website SEO
  • to generate content to populate your email newsletter and social channels

Your WHO might include demographic criteria such as focusing on people of a particular:

  • age
  • gender
  • geographical location
  • occupation/profession

And/or psychographic information such as looking to write for people with specific:

  • beliefs/attitudes/opinions
  • fears/concerns
  • aspirations

Gather together some old magazines and cut out pictures of people who look like your ideal readers. Find images which represent their lifestyle/business/mindset/issues. Create a collage and stick this on your wall to help you visualise who you are writing for.

Perhaps you might try writing a letter directly to your ideal blog reader. Start off with the traditional opening ‘Dear…’ and explain WHY you are writing this blog for them and HOW you want to be able to help them.