4 key ways your business can be a greater force for good

In this episode I reflect on the 9 podcast episodes I’ve published so far and draw out 4 key ways in which your business can be a greater force for good.


I summarise the various practical examples shared by all my guests to date including:

  • Linking your business mission to the UN Global Goals
  • Volunteering time to be a school governor, charity trustee or network leader
  • Starting a charitable organisation or giving profits to fund worthy causes
  • Sharing time and knowledge with school children and college students
  • Offering work experience and paid internships or apprenticeships
  • Conducting a sustainability audit
  • Engaging staff and customers with charitable giving
  • Creating a positive work culture
  • Prioritising your own personal wellbeing, development and authentic expression



Listen in to hear me talk about how your business can be a greater force for good for:


  • You: creating more meaningful, satisfying, enjoyable work for yourself
  • Other people: creating opportunities and support for your team, supply chain, peer networks, industry, local community, the next generation and wider world
  • The planet: creating more positive impact for the environment
  • Prosperity: creating more wealth for all


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