Becoming a stand-out business, the power of giving and the magic of small with B1G1 Co-Founder Paul Dunn

As a TEDx speaker, Chief Story-Teller with CLARITY and host of the Global Impact Summit, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience. A Stanford University Graduate School of Business alumnus, Paul has been working as Co-Founder with the social giving movement B1G1 for 14 years and is on a mission to challenge more businesses to become a force for good. Listen in to hear us discuss: - How the pandemic has accelerated the world of business becoming more purpose and values-driven (3:43) - How to become a stand-out business by standing for something bigger (7:20) - Is our world better off because your business is it? (8:00) - The value of curiosity and changing up the story (9:07) - The magic of small and how we are all at our best when we’re giving (14:45) - How B1G1 enables businesses to connect with charitable causes (21:03) Find out more about Paul’s work at