Shifting vision and focus to become a better person today and an ancestor for the future with encouragement from Paul Crick, Founder and Principal Partner at The Elevate Partnership.

Paul Crick, Founder and Principal Partner at The Elevate Partnership talks about his entrepreneurial journey and how he is using business as a force for good. Paul is a highly qualified and experienced business person whose work enables leaders and teams to reinvent their leadership culture to accomplish the things they think they can't to become better ancestors to future generations.

A Management Sciences graduate with an MBA from Henley Business School and numerous other accreditations and qualifications including psychotherapy, coaching and sustainability, Paul designs tailored leadership development and leadership coaching programmes for clients whose business generates profit to solve one of the many difficult challenges we face as a society and a species.

Listen in to hear us discuss:

- How we need to shift our focus away from short-term shareholder focus (3:00)
- The erosion of trust in business and the opportunity to make a difference (3:30)
- Reconnecting with nature and rebalancing through Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (6:00)
- Looking several generations ahead and asking – what kind of world are we leaving? (7:00)
- Developing a better relationship with yourself to improve your teamwork (10:00)
- The power of music to change lives (12:40)
- How everyone can do more than they think they can with a bit of encouragement (14:00)
- Shifting your vision from what you want to Do and Have, to who you want to Be (24:00)
- Why you should stop chasing business and wait for the right work to come to you (31:00)

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