Making the world of marketing more diverse and accessible to a new generation, inspired by the spirit of punk with School of Marketing Tutor, Luke Besant

Luke Besant, Marketing Consultant and Tutor at the School of Marketing, talks about his entrepreneurial journey and how he is using business as a force for good.

“His knowledge of PPC, SEO and digital campaigns is second to none”

Luke was one of the UK’s first professional podcasters, and is now a Tutor at the School of Marketing which he’s been involved with for over three years, in addition to offering Marketing Consultnacy to a range of other businesses. Luke has also recently achieved his Masters in Digital Marketing from the University of Salford.

Listen in to hear us discuss:

  • 03:16: Expanding our definition of Capitalism to enable business to be a greater force for good, plus an exploration of moral compromise, integrity, the need for speed v the need for brakes, and aligning vision, mission, values, messaging and action
  • 08:06: Balancing power and responsibility with skills and personal choice
  • 12:39: How Luke’s early career in music gave him the ideal foundation to develop in the field of marketing
  • 21:29: Where real power lies to effect change
  • 26:32: How the spirit of Punk inspires Luke
  • 29:55: What is next in the future of Luke?
  • 32:17: Thanks a Brunch Speaker Announcement!

You can find out more about Luke’s work at