Earning more whilst working less and ethical investment with Director of Evolution Financial Planning, Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca Robertson, Director of Evolution Financial Planning, talks about her entrepreneurial journey and how she is using her business as a force for good.


Wealth strategist, Rebecca Robertson, is an award winning independent financial advisor and Founder of Evolution Financial Planning. Rebecca has been featured by the BBC, The Financial Times and a range of other media as an expert in ethical investment and a specialist in supporting women to achieve financial success. She has also given a TedX talk called What would happen if women ruled the world? that expands on this theme. In 2021 Rebecca released both her Wealth Accelerator Planner and her book, Ten Ways to Accelerate your Wealth and is now an Amazon best seller in 9 categories.


Listen in to hear us discuss:

  • 02:56: How your business can make an impact
  • 08:00: How to work less but earn more
  • 11.24 How to focus in on your ideal client to become more profitable
  • 24:02: How to manage and multiply your money
  • 27:01: The importance of finding your ideal client

You can find out more about Rebecca’s work at evolutionfinancialplanning.co.uk/